Health & Wellness

Health and Wellness at Riverwood Square is more than just an activities department, it is a way of life!

We strongly believe in the phrase “USE IT OR LOSE IT” and infuse that mantra into everything we do. We strive to create quality living for every resident, every day, and do so through a variety of carefully selected programs and activities.

Our day of wellness begins as soon as you rise from your bed, with exercise classes aimed at providing physical fitness in a way that is both fun and challenging! Offered six mornings a week, these classes are one of our most popular activities and are always well attended.

Social Engaging Programming

The days and evenings offer a plethora of mentally stimulating and socially engaging programming. Our Health and Wellness Directors know the importance of sustaining activities that our residents desire on a continuous and weekly basis, but also incorporating new and creative options that keep residents interested, educated, and socially aware.

Riverwood Square never misses an opportunity to celebrate! Our uniquely themed and detail oriented parties are enjoyed by everyone in our building and never disappoint. Our wonderful chefs and dining associates help to create lavish dinners and brunches that help to make every event a Riverwood event!

Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness at Riverwood Square extends beyond the scope of our in-house community. At Riverwood we know the importance of creating kinship beyond these walls and make it an absolute necessity for our residents to engage with the surrounding community. Programming with local schools, other seniors, politicians, volunteers, fundraising events, neighborhood activities and family members is an important part of our Health and Wellness Strategy. Take a moment to look at our monthly activity calendar.

Health and Wellness at Riverwood Square is not just an idea but a lifestyle we actively promote. We can truly say that our residents really do LIVE LIFE HERE!

About our Activities

Take a moment to look at our monthly activity calendar.

Our website hosts the Facebook page so you can view the events that our residents have enjoyed.