Step by Step Guide for Loved One

The Decision and Helpful Tips

The decision to move from our home of ‘many’ years is a difficult and very stressful time. 

For many of today's Seniors, leaving their home means that they will Lose their Independence - and for all of us - that is an issue.

Moving to an environment like Riverwood Square Retirement offers the opportunity to Enhance Independence and to live life with quality services and support - without the work. For families the task of “convincing” Mom and Dad is monumental. So how do we address Mom’s, Dad’s and the family’s concerns?

Tips and Help

Open Heart and Dialogue.

Listen and understand the fears they have. This is a major change in life and lifestyle. It’s a family discussion. You are looking for Mom and Dad’s next home. Talk openly and honestly. Consult close family friends, talk to your family doctor or consult your church community.

Take a Breath.

This decision takes time. Be patient. Be open to discussion over a period of time.Approach the conversation gently when they are receptive and relaxed.

Be informative.

Riverwood Square will be their new home. Be knowledgeable - know all of the services that Riverwood Square offers. “It’s a cruise ship on land with every service known to senior kind”.

They don’t want to be ‘helped’.

Those are fighting words. It is important for them to understand that Riverwood Square offers services- and that includes the service of safety. Somebody will respond quickly in an urgent situation.

You want the best for your parents.

Spending quality family time is very important. The “sandwich generation” is real. Your children and your grandchildren also require your time. Being a caregiver to Mom and Dad is wonderful but at times not feasible. Stress affects your health and well being as well as family members.

Have your loved one attend frequent activities and events.

Attending activities and meetings with other Senior’s that live at Riverwood Square will help to alleviate many of their fears.

Residents who are not happy - don’t have to stay.

Month to month lease. Give it a try for a month or two. If you are feeling unsure about the best approach, speak with a representative from Riverwood Square Retirement Residence to develop a plan of action or simply to talk.