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Lindsay Girouard, Director of Health & Wellness

Heather Malazdrewicz - Director of Marketing

Linda Sherrin - General Manager.

Testimonial Text

I started working at Riverwood Square when the Covid-19 Pandemic began. I would visit the residence to see my grandparents and I could only wave at them through the glass for everyone’s safety. This was very hard considering I have a very close relationship with them and would visit them almost every day before the pandemic started. I was also scared for them to get sick because of everything I heard in the news about other assisted living buildings. But Riverwood Square is unlike any other building because of their passion and dedication to keeping the residents safe. 

When I was first hired at Riverwood Square, I had no prior experience with older adults, but I had worked in customer service. I was hired in the dining room where I was able to share stories about my schooling, listen to the stories of the resident’s lives, and develop my skills to help me in my future endeavours.

I was able to see my grandparents when I was working, when they needed help with something, and when my other family could not, which was time that I will cherish forever. The staff here at Riverwood cares so dearly about my grandparents, my family and myself which shows in everything they do for us. 

I am so lucky to be a part of the family at Riverwood and working here, now in the Health and Wellness department, and developing such strong and wonderful connections with the residents has shown me that working with the older population is what I want to do for the rest of my life. 

The residents and other staff at Riverwood Square have made this environment so positive and welcoming to not only me as a staff member but my whole family as a part of the Riverwood community.

As a family member with loved ones at Riverwood Square I quickly saw the benefits of my grandparents being here; they were surrounded by great new peers, helpful and kind staff, access to many fun activities, and a beautiful green space. When COVID hit I was not able to see my grandparents and I was also in need of a job, so applying to work at Riverwood made perfect sense! I quickly made close connections with the other staff and residents in the dining room and then in Recreation. I applied to Riverwood because I thought it would be a good fit for me and to be closer to family; I had no idea that I would be making more family among the staff and residents here.

You people are the best.  We feel so confident having our family member there, knowing she is well cared for and treated with respect.  You are all angels!!! We surely appreciate it!

I just want you to know how much we appreciate everything all of you at Riverwood Square are doing to keep our family members safe and well looked after. I cannot imagine what a heavy load this puts on all of you. You have a big responsibility and you have risen to the occasion absolutely. 

I sincerely want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, the care you give each resident. My dad is not in the greatest health, and I am extremely concerned, but Riverwood Square helps put my mind at ease. The managers, and every single staff member has a heart of gold.

We Moved my Mother-In-Law, into Harmony House, almost two months ago now...To say it has given her a new lease on life would be a real understatement!!! She no longer sleeps the day away, is actively involved in activities and truly enjoying life!!! And on behalf of my wife and I ...I just want to thank all of you at Riverwood Square for everything that each one of you do daily, to help make this occur. Mom still has issues with her dementia and will always have that, but the fact that we are not phoning her 6 or 7 times a day to get her up and about, has helped us both immensely and eased our stress levels. AND THAT...is due to the awesome staff and program in place in your supportive living house.

Words cannot express how much we have loved being a part of Riverwood Square family. From the moment we toured the facility, we were hooked. Everyone was so friendly and caring- you really do act like you are looking after your own loved ones.

Dad was so excited when he saw suite 810 that he signed immediately on the dotted line. He had always been a true: Scotchman” (saver not a spender) and was extra frugal having been brought up during the depression. It was wonderful to see him willing to splurge so that he and mom could live in style in their “penthouse” apartment as he called it – with the most incredible view. He told me almost every time I saw him that it was the best decision he ever made and how much he loved that suite. He enjoyed every single minute of his years at Riverwood. He also said, ‘there’s never been a moment that I’ve been border living here”.

Your staff were so helpful and supportive when we were dealing with mom’s dementia. We always felt like we had people to turn to, helping us make the right decisions – always expert advice available. The first few years were difficult, but you were always there for us.

After Mom passed away in 2018, and dad moved to 306(which he also really liked – but not quite as much as that penthouse!0, dad continued to be as happy as I have ever seen him. I know he fancied himself as “The Unofficial Mayor of Riverwood Square”. He would tell us daily about the people he spoke with in the halls, the entertainment in the bar, his experiences in the dining room and our course his famous “drive bys” to the front desk where he would tease whoever was sitting int that seat.

He knew everyone by name and made sure we knew too. It was super important for him to be able to call everyone by their name. In the last little while, he did struggle a bit to remember – hence the lists upon lists he carried with him on his walked so if he couldn’t recall, he could quickly pull up a list to reference.

We want you all to know how much he cared for each of you and how much delight you brought to him just be being you and caring for him too.

Thank you for the kind words you have said about him to us as we prepared to close his suite. It’s an additional loss for our family as we won’t get to see your familiar faces anymore. You are an amazing real and Riverwood is the best.

May you know that you’ve made a difference in not only my dad’s life by in his family’s life as well. We are so grateful to you for everything, and we wish you all the best. We will miss you all!